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Frank Weston Benson Red and Gold oil painting

Red and Gold
Painting ID::  58262
Artist: Frank Weston Benson
Painting: Red and Gold
Introduction: Red and Gold, 1915, by Frank W. Benson








Frank Weston Benson Eleanor Holding a Shell oil painting

Eleanor Holding a Shell
Painting ID::  58263
Artist: Frank Weston Benson
Painting: Eleanor Holding a Shell
Introduction: Eleanor Holding a Shell, 1902, by Frank W. Benson








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     (March 24, 1862 - November 15, 1951) was an American Impressionist artist, and a member of the Ten American Painters. Benson was born in Salem, Massachusetts. In 1879, he began study at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston under Otto Grundmann, and later at the Acad??mie Julian in Paris. Upon return to America, he would become an instructor at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. Some of his best known paintings (Eleanor, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston; Summer, Rhode Island School of Design Museum) depict his daughters outdoors at Benson's summer home on the island of North Haven, Maine. He also produced numerous paintings and etchings of wildfowl. Born into a successful merchant family, Benson lived in Salem for most of his life. At the Boston Museum school he befriended Edmund Charles Tarbell and Robert Reid, at the same time teaching drawing classes in Salem and painting landscapes during the summer. In 1883 he began his studies in Paris, and in the summer of 1884 painted at Concarneau, along with Willard Metcalf and Edward Simmons. His early paintings were conventional landscapes. . Related Artists to Frank Weston Benson : | Ary de Vois | Antoni Lange | NATTIER, Jean-Marc | Adriaen Pietersz Vande Venne | k. e. jansson |




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