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Francisco Bayeu y Subias Lunch on the Field oil painting

Lunch on the Field
Painting ID::  43819
Artist: Francisco Bayeu y Subias
Painting: Lunch on the Field
Introduction: Oil on canvas, 37 x 56 cm








Francisco Bayeu y Subias Olympus: The Fall of the Giants oil painting

Olympus: The Fall of the Giants
Painting ID::  43823
Artist: Francisco Bayeu y Subias
Painting: Olympus: The Fall of the Giants
Introduction: 1800 Oil on canvas, 68 x 123 cm








Francisco Bayeu y Subias Obsequio campestre oil painting

Obsequio campestre
Painting ID::  75253
Artist: Francisco Bayeu y Subias
Painting: Obsequio campestre
Introduction: Date before 1793(1793) Medium Oil on canvas Dimensions 183 X 146 cm (72 X 57.5 in) cyf








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     Spanish Painter, 1734-1795,was a Spanish painter, active in a Neoclassic style, whose main subjects were religious and historical themes. Born in Zaragoza, he received a broad childhood education. His initial art studies were with a local master, Jose Luzan[1] and Antonio Gonzalez Velazquez. He then moved to Madrid, winning a scholarship with the painting of the ????Tyranny of Gerion???? to study in the Academia Real de Bellas Artes de San Fernando. The death of his parents and the care of his brothers forced him to return to Zaragoza, until he was recalled by Anton Raphael Mengs to help decorate the Royal Palace of Madrid. In later years, one of his colleagues was Francisco Goya, who married his sister, Josefa Bayeu. He served as court painter to King Charles III of Spain. He was named a professor of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of San Fernando in 1765 and director in 1788. He painted in the Charterhouse of Aula Dei in Zaragoza. In 1767 he was named court painter for Charles III, king of Spain. He was involved in the decoration of various Royal palaces near Madrid. . Related Artists to Francisco Bayeu y Subias : | SEGHERS, Hercules | SIBERECHTS, Jan | Giovanni Battista Spinelli | Bill Traylor | Jean Clouet |




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