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Francisco Barrera The Month of May oil painting

The Month of May
Painting ID::  43821
Artist: Francisco Barrera
Painting: The Month of May
Introduction: Oil on canvas, 102 x 155 cm








Francisco Barrera Still-Life with Flowers and Fruit oil painting

Still-Life with Flowers and Fruit
Painting ID::  52628
Artist: Francisco Barrera
Painting: Still-Life with Flowers and Fruit
Introduction: 1643 Oil on canvas, 63,5 x 94,5 cm








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     Spanish, 1595-1657,Spanish painter. Although he is sometimes thought to have been a Sevillian painter, his career is documented in Madrid. Barrera enjoyed considerable prestige and authority within the artistic community of the Spanish capital and in 1634 and 1639 represented his profession in significant legal battles concerning the status and rights of painters. However, Barrera's known paintings, all of which are still-lifes, are those of a derivative artist of modest abilities. In Still-life with Basket of Grapes, signed and dated 1642 (Florence, Uffizi), his arrangement of objects in a window-frame and on a stone ledge derives from works by Juan van der Hamen y Le?n but without that artist's refined compositional sense or mastery of pictorial space. The rather weak modelling of objects in this painting is consistent with Barrera's other still-lifes, which are further characterized by their light tonality, bland colouring and monotonous brushwork. Comparable stylistic features are found in the more accomplished still-lifes of Antonio Ponce, with whom Barrera is documented in the 1630s. Barrera's best works are those depicting the Four Seasons, signed and dated 1638 (Seville, priv. col., see 1982 exh. cat., pp. 78-85). These are still-lifes of abundant seasonal foodstuffs and, in landscape settings, large symbolic and genre figures drawn from traditional iconography. . Related Artists to Francisco Barrera : | Anthony Frederick Augustus Sandys | Frithjof Smith Hald | Carl jun. Oesterley | Francis Hayman | Willem Van de Velde The Younger |




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