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Eugene Delacroix Self Portrait _6 oil painting

Self Portrait _6
Painting ID::  925
Artist: Eugene Delacroix
Painting: Self Portrait _6
Introduction: 1837 Musee du Louvre, Paris








Eugene Delacroix Liberty Leading the People oil painting

Liberty Leading the People
Painting ID::  926
Artist: Eugene Delacroix
Painting: Liberty Leading the People
Introduction: 1830 Musee du Louvre, Paris








Eugene Delacroix The Battle of Taillebourg oil painting

The Battle of Taillebourg
Painting ID::  927
Artist: Eugene Delacroix
Painting: The Battle of Taillebourg
Introduction: 1835/37








Eugene Delacroix Christ on the Lake of Gennesaret oil painting

Christ on the Lake of Gennesaret
Painting ID::  928
Artist: Eugene Delacroix
Painting: Christ on the Lake of Gennesaret
Introduction: Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York








Eugene Delacroix Justice oil painting

Painting ID::  929
Artist: Eugene Delacroix
Painting: Justice
Introduction: 1833-37 Salon du Roi, Palaais Bourbon, Paris








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     French Romantic Painter, 1798-1863 For 40 years Eugene Delacroix was one of the most prominent and controversial painters in France. Although the intense emotional expressiveness of his work placed the artist squarely in the midst of the general romantic outpouring of European art, he always remained an individual phenomenon and did not create a school. As a personality and as a painter, he was admired by the impressionists, postimpressionists, and symbolists who came after him. Born on April 28, 1798, at Charenton-Saint-Maurice, the son of an important public official, Delacroix grew up in comfortable upper-middle-class circumstances in spite of the troubled times. He received a good classical education at the Lycee Imperial. He entered the studio of Pierre Narcisse Guerin in 1815, where he met Theodore Gericaul . Related Artists to Eugene Delacroix : | Franz von Lenbach | Jan van Goyen | Oliver Kemp | Johan Pasch | Isaac Oliver |




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