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Esaias Boursse Dutch Interior with Woman Sewing oil painting

Dutch Interior with Woman Sewing
Painting ID::  95457
Artist: Esaias Boursse
Painting: Dutch Interior with Woman Sewing
Introduction: circa 1660(1660) Medium oil on canvas cyf








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     1631-1672 Dutch Dutch painter and draughtsman. Boursse was the son of Walloon parents, Jacques Boursse and Anne de Forest. A testimony of 23 July 1658 states that Esaias brother Jan provided for his artistic training. There is nothing to confirm a view of the early 20th-century scholars Bode, Bredius and Valentiner that Boursse was a pupil of Rembrandt, although the two artists may have had some contact, since Rembrandt lived near Jan in Amsterdam. According to an inventory of 24 November 1671, Jan collected a number of paintings, drawings and etchings by Rembrandt. . Related Artists to Esaias Boursse : | Adolf-Ulrik Wertmuller | Domenico Beccafumi | Otto Karl Kirberg | Gabriel Jacques de Saint-Aubin | Alfred Dehodencq |




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