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Edmund Blair Leighton The Accolade oil painting

The Accolade
Painting ID::  2377
Artist: Edmund Blair Leighton
Painting: The Accolade
Introduction: 1800's








Edmund Blair Leighton The Prisoner oil painting

The Prisoner
Painting ID::  71214
Artist: Edmund Blair Leighton
Painting: The Prisoner
Introduction: Oil on canvas








Edmund Blair Leighton Singing to the reverend oil painting

Singing to the reverend
Painting ID::  71490
Artist: Edmund Blair Leighton
Painting: Singing to the reverend
Introduction: Date 1896








Edmund Blair Leighton Duty oil painting

Painting ID::  71831
Artist: Edmund Blair Leighton
Painting: Duty
Introduction: 1883(1883) Oil on canvas 58 x 40 1/8 inches (147.5 x 102 cm)








Edmund Blair Leighton Stitching the Standard oil painting

Stitching the Standard
Painting ID::  72139
Artist: Edmund Blair Leighton
Painting: Stitching the Standard
Introduction: Oil on canvas cjr








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     1853-1922 British Leighton was the son of the artist Charles Blair Leighton. He was educated at University College School, before becoming a student at the Royal Academy Schools. He married Katherine Nash in 1885 and they went on to have a son and daughter. He exhibited annually at the Royal Academy from 1878 to 1920. Leighton was a fastidious craftsman, producing highly-finished, decorative pictures. It would appear that he left no diaries, and though he exhibited at the Royal Academy for over forty years, he was never an Academician or an Associate. . Related Artists to Edmund Blair Leighton : | Sir John Gilbert,RA,PRWS | ASPERTINI, Amico | Campin, Robert, Follower of | Gwen John | Pietro della Vecchia |




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