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Edgar Degas Dancer Adjusting her Slippers oil painting

Dancer Adjusting her Slippers
Painting ID::  804
Artist: Edgar Degas
Painting: Dancer Adjusting her Slippers








Edgar Degas Two Dancers in Blue oil painting

Two Dancers in Blue
Painting ID::  805
Artist: Edgar Degas
Painting: Two Dancers in Blue
Introduction: 1899








Edgar Degas Danseuses Bleues oil painting

Danseuses Bleues
Painting ID::  806
Artist: Edgar Degas
Painting: Danseuses Bleues








Edgar Degas Ballet Dancers in the Wings oil painting

Ballet Dancers in the Wings
Painting ID::  807
Artist: Edgar Degas
Painting: Ballet Dancers in the Wings
Introduction: 1890-95 Pastel on paper 28 x 26 in. (71.1 x 66 cm) Saint Louis Art Museum, St. Louis








Edgar Degas Seated Dancer Tying her Slipper oil painting

Seated Dancer Tying her Slipper
Painting ID::  808
Artist: Edgar Degas
Painting: Seated Dancer Tying her Slipper
Introduction: 1880








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     French Realist/Impressionist Painter and Sculptor, 1834-1917 French painter, draughtsman, printmaker, sculptor, pastellist, photographer and collector. He was a founder-member of the Impressionist group and the leader within it of the Realist tendency. He organized several of the group exhibitions, but after 1886 he showed his works very rarely and largely withdrew from the Parisian art world. As he was sufficiently wealthy, he was not constricted by the need to sell his work, and even his late pieces retain a vigour and a power to shock that is lacking in the contemporary productions of his Impressionist colleagues. . Related Artists to Edgar Degas : | Willam Bartram | Hector Caffieri | Jenaro Perez Villaamil | Gijsbrecht Leytens | Osip Braz |




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