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Dirck Barendsz The Last Judgment oil painting

The Last Judgment
Painting ID::  66085
Artist: Dirck Barendsz
Painting: The Last Judgment
Introduction: Oil on plaster 1561








Dirck Barendsz Landscape with Buildings oil painting

Landscape with Buildings
Painting ID::  66086
Artist: Dirck Barendsz
Painting: Landscape with Buildings
Introduction: 17th century Oil on canvas 78 x 103 cm








Dirck Barendsz The Judgment of Salomon oil painting

The Judgment of Salomon
Painting ID::  66087
Artist: Dirck Barendsz
Painting: The Judgment of Salomon
Introduction: 17th century Oil on canvas 38 X 49 cm








Dirck Barendsz Last Judgment oil painting

Last Judgment
Painting ID::  71738
Artist: Dirck Barendsz
Painting: Last Judgment
Introduction: Date 1561








Dirck Barendsz The Last Supper oil painting

The Last Supper
Painting ID::  85043
Artist: Dirck Barendsz
Painting: The Last Supper
Introduction: Date second half of 16th century Medium Grisaille in oil on paper Dimensions Height: 25 cm (9.8 in). Width: 20 cm (7.9 in). cjr








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     (1534?C1592) was a Dutch Renaissance painter from Amsterdam who traveled to Italy in his youth to learn from the Italian masters, most notably Titian. . Related Artists to Dirck Barendsz : | Charles Poerson | Johannes Lingelbach | Domingos Antonio de Sequeira | a. jernberg | Edwin Howland Blashfield |




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