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Charles conder Departure of thte OrientCircularQuay (nn02) oil painting

Departure of thte OrientCircularQuay (nn02)
Painting ID::  23086
Artist: Charles conder
Painting: Departure of thte OrientCircularQuay (nn02)
Introduction: 1888 Oil on canvas 17 3/4x19 3/4" Purchased 1888








Charles conder Holiday at Mentone (nn02) oil painting

Holiday at Mentone (nn02)
Painting ID::  23090
Artist: Charles conder
Painting: Holiday at Mentone (nn02)
Introduction: 1888 Oil on canvas 18 1/4x24"








Charles conder Springtime (nn02) oil painting

Springtime (nn02)
Painting ID::  23091
Artist: Charles conder
Painting: Springtime (nn02)
Introduction: 1888 Oil on canvas 17 3/5x23 1/4








Charles conder Yarding Sheep (nn02) oil painting

Yarding Sheep (nn02)
Painting ID::  23092
Artist: Charles conder
Painting: Yarding Sheep (nn02)
Introduction: 1890 Oil on canvas 14x22 1/16"








Charles conder Departure of the SS Orient from Circular Quay oil painting

Departure of the SS Orient from Circular Quay
Painting ID::  28034
Artist: Charles conder
Painting: Departure of the SS Orient from Circular Quay
Introduction: 1888 Oil on canvas 43.2 x 48.9 cm(17 x 19 1/4 in) Art Gallery of New South Wales,Sydney (mk63)








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     English-born Australian Painter, 1868-1909 English painter, active in Australia and France. He was sent to Australia in 1884 to learn surveying under his uncle W. J. Conder. After about two years in survey camps, he attended evening classes at the Royal Art Society, Sydney; in 1887 he worked as a lithographic draughtsman for the Illustrated Sydney News. Tom Roberts, then in Sydney on a visit from Melbourne, was among the open-air landscape painters that he knew at this time. He taught Conder some of the principles of Impressionism, such as truth to the momentary effect of light and to colour values, and the rejection of the academic ideal of high finish. The most important painting of Conder's Sydney years, the Departure of the 'SS Orient' from Circular Quay, 1888 (1888; Sydney, A.G. NSW), already showed a distinct personal style, combining humour with nostalgia and selective observation with decorative finesse of handling and design. In December 1888 Conder joined Roberts and Arthur Streeton in Melbourne. During the following summers they painted together at the outer suburbs of Mentone, Box Hill and Eaglemont . Related Artists to Charles conder : | Pankiewicz, Jozef | William Yates | The Hon.Eleanor Vere Boyle | Abraham jansz.begeyn | anna maria thelott |




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