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Chaim Soutine Chaim Soutine Art Locations oil painting

Chaim Soutine Art Locations
Painting ID::  3757
Artist: Chaim Soutine
Painting: Chaim Soutine Art Locations
Introduction: 1916 61 x 74cm Private Collection, New York








Chaim Soutine La Russe (Portait de Femme) oil painting

La Russe (Portait de Femme)
Painting ID::  3758
Artist: Chaim Soutine
Painting: La Russe (Portait de Femme)
Introduction: 1916 65 x 50cm Los Angeles Museum of Art








Chaim Soutine Still Life with Lemons oil painting

Still Life with Lemons
Painting ID::  3759
Artist: Chaim Soutine
Painting: Still Life with Lemons
Introduction: 1916 63 x 54cm Private Collection, New York








Chaim Soutine Nature Morte au Faisan oil painting

Nature Morte au Faisan
Painting ID::  3760
Artist: Chaim Soutine
Painting: Nature Morte au Faisan
Introduction: 1918 90 x 58cm Private Collection, Philadelphia








Chaim Soutine Glaieuls Rouges oil painting

Glaieuls Rouges
Painting ID::  3761
Artist: Chaim Soutine
Painting: Glaieuls Rouges
Introduction: 1919 54.5 x 46cm Private Collection








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     Chaim Soutine Art Locations Lithuanian 1893-1943 Soutine was born in Smilavichy near Minsk, Belarus (then part of the Russian Empire). He was the tenth of eleven children. From 1910?C1913 he studied in Vilnius at the Vilna Academy of Fine Arts. In 1913, with his friends Pinchus Kremegne and Michel Kikoine, he emigrated to Paris, where he studied at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts under Fernand Cormon. He soon developed a highly personal vision and painting technique. For a time, he and his friends lived at La Ruche, a residence for struggling artists in Montparnasse, where he became friends with Amedeo Modigliani. Modigliani painted Soutine's portrait several times, most famously in 1917, on a door of an apartment belonging to Leopold Zborowski, who was their art dealer. Zoborowski supported Soutine through the World War I, taking the struggling artist with him to Nice to escape the German bombing of Paris. In 1923, the American collector Albert C. Barnes visited his studio and immediately bought sixty of Soutine's paintings. Soutine once horrified his neighbours by keeping an animal carcass in his studio so that he could paint it (Carcass of Beef). The stench drove them to send for the police, whom Soutine promptly lectured on the relative importance of art over hygiene. In February 2006 this painting sold for £7.8 million to an anonymous buyer in London. Soutine produced the majority of his works from 1920 to 1929. He seldom showed his works, but he did take part in the exhibition of Independent Art held in 1937 in Paris, where he was at last hailed as a great painter. Soon thereafter France was invaded by German troops. As a Jew, Soutine had to escape from the French capital and hide in order to avoid arrest by the Gestapo. He moved from one place to another and was sometimes forced to seek shelter in forests, sleeping outdoors. Suffering from a stomach ulcer and bleeding badly, he left a safe hiding place for Paris in order to undergo emergency surgery, which failed to save his life. On August 9, 1943, Chaim Soutine died of a perforated ulcer. Soutine was interred in Cimeti??re du Montparnasse, Paris. . Related Artists to Chaim Soutine : | Henry Clarence Whaite,RWS | Severin Nilsson | augustus osborne lamplough,r.w.s | Giovanni di Paolo | Johan Pasch |




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