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Bischoff, Franz Roses oil painting

Painting ID::  9792
Artist: Bischoff, Franz
Painting: Roses
Introduction: oil on canvas.








Bischoff, Franz Houses Along the Coast oil painting

Houses Along the Coast
Painting ID::  9793
Artist: Bischoff, Franz
Painting: Houses Along the Coast
Introduction: oil on board.








Bischoff, Franz Monterey Coast oil painting

Monterey Coast
Painting ID::  9794
Artist: Bischoff, Franz
Painting: Monterey Coast
Introduction: oil on canvas, George Stern Fine Arts








Bischoff, Franz Pinnacle Rock w oil painting

Pinnacle Rock w
Painting ID::  9795
Artist: Bischoff, Franz
Painting: Pinnacle Rock w
Introduction: Zion National Park in Utah, 1928, oil on canvas.








Bischoff, Franz portrait of a young woman oil painting

portrait of a young woman
Painting ID::  56199
Artist: Bischoff, Franz
Painting: portrait of a young woman
Introduction: mk247 1827,oil on canvas,24.625x20.625 in,62.5x52.5 cm,private collection








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     Austrian, practiced mainly in America, 1864-1929 was an American artist known primarily for his beautiful floral paintings and California landscapes. He was born in Bomen, Austria on January 9, 1864 and as a young teenager immigrated to the United States where he became a naturalized citizen. While in Europe, his early training was focused upon applied design, watercolor and ceramic decorations.After having lived and worked in New York, Fostoria, Ohio and Dearborn, Michigan, Franz Bischoff decided to visit California in 1900 and ultimately chose to settle in Los Angeles in 1906. Shortly after arriving, he started making arrangements to design and build a large Italian Renaissance style home in Pasadena that also became his studio. This landmark home was completed in 1908. Inspired by the California countryside, Bischoff set attempted to capture the area's brilliant light and diverse landscapes. Spending less time with ceramic painting, Bischoff painted local farms, fishing wharfs, and coastal landscapes. Recognized during his career for use of color and vivid composition, his paintings always displayed reverence for nature. . Related Artists to Bischoff, Franz : | Dora Carrington | Jean Barbault | William Ludwell Sheppard | R. Talbot Kelly | Juan Antonio Ribera Y Fernandez |




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