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Baglione Heavenly Love Conquering Earthly Love oil painting

Heavenly Love Conquering Earthly Love
Painting ID::  24
Artist: Baglione
Painting: Heavenly Love Conquering Earthly Love
Introduction: Gemaldegalerie, Berlin








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     1573-1644 Italian painter, draughtsman and writer. He executed canvases and frescoes of religious and mythological subjects, and portraits. He was given important commissions by popes and aristocrats and sold his works to patrons in Italy and abroad. Bagliones arguably greater fame as a writer derives from Le nove chiese di Roma (1639) and especially from his Vite de pittori, scultori, architetti (1642), containing biographies of more than 200 artists who worked in Rome between 1572 and 1642. . Related Artists to Baglione : | U.F. Beenfeldt | Giuseppe de nittis | Fra Bartolommeo | Franz von Defregger | David Klocker Ehrenstrahl |




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