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BOTH, Jan Ruins at the Sea dfg oil painting

Ruins at the Sea dfg
Painting ID::  5272
Artist: BOTH, Jan
Painting: Ruins at the Sea dfg
Introduction: Oil on wood, 54,6 x 45,3 cm Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest








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     Dutch painter (b. ca. 1618, Utrecht, d. 1652, Utrecht Brother of Andries Both. He was one of the foremost painters among the second generation of DUTCH ITALIANATES. While working in Italy he specialized in genre scenes; however, on his return to the Netherlands he concentrated on wooded landscapes bathed in a golden light that illuminates the highly detailed foliage and trees. These realistic landscapes represent his most original contribution to Dutch painting and were much imitated by his contemporaries and by later artists. . Related Artists to BOTH, Jan : | Jean Charles Cazin | John Frost | Henri Edmond Cross | Pierre-Denis Martin | jonathan miller |




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