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BASSANO, Jacopo The Three Magi ww oil painting

The Three Magi ww
Painting ID::  4959
Artist: BASSANO, Jacopo
Painting: The Three Magi ww
Introduction: c. 1562 Oil on canvas, 92,3 x 117,5 cm Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna








BASSANO, Jacopo Adoration of the Shepherds ss oil painting

Adoration of the Shepherds ss
Painting ID::  4960
Artist: BASSANO, Jacopo
Painting: Adoration of the Shepherds ss
Introduction: 1544-45 Oil on canvas, 139,5 x 219 cm Royal Collection, Windsor








BASSANO, Jacopo Madonna and Child with Saints ff oil painting

Madonna and Child with Saints ff
Painting ID::  4961
Artist: BASSANO, Jacopo
Painting: Madonna and Child with Saints ff
Introduction: 1545-50 Oil on canvas, 191 x 134 cm Alte Pinakothek, Munich








BASSANO, Jacopo The Way to Calvary ww oil painting

The Way to Calvary ww
Painting ID::  4962
Artist: BASSANO, Jacopo
Painting: The Way to Calvary ww
Introduction: c. 1540 Oil on canvas, 145 x 133 cm National Gallery, London








BASSANO, Jacopo Supper at Emmaus sf oil painting

Supper at Emmaus sf
Painting ID::  4963
Artist: BASSANO, Jacopo
Painting: Supper at Emmaus sf
Introduction: c. 1538 Oil on canvas, 235 x 250 cm Sacristy, Parish Church, Cittadella








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     Italian High Renaissance Painter, ca.1510-1592 Jacopo Bassano (also known as Jacopo da Ponte, c. 1515 - 13 February 1592) was an Italian painter who was born and died in Bassano del Grappa near Venice, from which he adopted the name. His father Francesco Bassano the Elder was a "peasant artist" and Jacopo adopted some of his style as he created religious paintings with novel features including animals, farmhouses, and landscapes. He trained initially with his father, Francesco da Ponte the Elder, then in the studio of Bonifacio Veneziano. His mature style, however, followed the example of Titian. Having worked in Venice and other Italian towns, he established a workshop in Bassano with his four sons: Francesco the Younger (1549?C1592), Girolamo (1566?C1621), Giovanni Battista (1553?C1613), and Leandro (1557?C1622). They shared his style, and some works are difficult to attribute precisely. . Related Artists to BASSANO, Jacopo : | Simon Vouet | maurice de vlaminck | BELLINI, Gentile | Garofalo | MASTER of Heiligenkreuz |




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