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BAILLY, David Self-Portrait with Vanitas Symbols dddw oil painting

Self-Portrait with Vanitas Symbols dddw
Painting ID::  4912
Artist: BAILLY, David
Painting: Self-Portrait with Vanitas Symbols dddw
Introduction: 1651 Oil on wood, 89,5 x 122 cm Stedelijk Museum De Lakenhal, Leiden








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     Dutch Baroque Era Painter, 1584-1657 Dutch painter and draughtsman. The son of a Flemish immigrant who was a calligrapher and fencing-master, Bailly was apprenticed to a local surgeon-painter and then to Cornelius van der Voort (1576-1624), a portrait painter in Amsterdam. In the winter of 1608 he started out as a journeyman, spending a year in Hamburg and then travelling through several German cities to Venice and Rome. On the return voyage he visited several courts in Germany, working for local princes, including the Duke of Brunswick-Wolfenb?ttel. While no works survive from the immediate period following his return to the Netherlands in 1613, descriptions in old sale catalogues suggest that he may have produced history paintings in the manner of his contemporaries Pieter Lastman and the Pynas brothers. . Related Artists to BAILLY, David : | Giovanni Segantini | John Hamilton Mortimer | Jan Van Kessel the Younger | Louis Gallait | PEREDA, Antonio de |




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