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BABUREN, Dirck van The Procuress kj oil painting

The Procuress kj
Painting ID::  4884
Artist: BABUREN, Dirck van
Painting: The Procuress kj
Introduction: 1622 Oil on canvas Museum of Fine Arts, Boston








BABUREN, Dirck van Prometheus Being Chained by Vulcan oil painting

Prometheus Being Chained by Vulcan
Painting ID::  4885
Artist: BABUREN, Dirck van
Painting: Prometheus Being Chained by Vulcan
Introduction: 1623 Oil on canvas, 202 x 184 cm Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam








BABUREN, Dirck van Concer oil painting

Painting ID::  18862
Artist: BABUREN, Dirck van
Painting: Concer
Introduction: detail, 1623, oil on canvas, The Hermitage at St. Petersburg








BABUREN, Dirck van The Concert oil painting

The Concert
Painting ID::  29265
Artist: BABUREN, Dirck van
Painting: The Concert
Introduction: mk65 ca.1623 Oil on canvas 39x51"








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     Dutch Baroque Era Painter, 1595-1624 1624). Dutch painter. His father, Jasper van Baburen (d ?1599), had been in the service of Geertruijd van Bronckhorst van Battenburg, Baroness (vrijvrouw) of Vianen, Viscountess (burggravin) of Utrecht, and thus Dirck must have received a better than average education, a fact at least partially confirmed by the innovative and often literary nature of his subject-matter. In 1611 he is recorded as a pupil of the portrait and history painter Paulus Moreelse in Utrecht. It is likely that this was the last year of his apprenticeship. Van Baburen probably left for Italy shortly after 1611, for a document rediscovered in the late 1980s records a signed and dated altarpiece of the Martyrdom of St Sebastian (1615; untraced), executed for a church in Parma. His most important pictures made in Italy were painted in collaboration with David de Haen (d 1622) for the Piet? Chapel of S Pietro in Montorio, Rome, which was decorated between 1615 and 1620. Van Baburen's paintings for the chapel were mentioned by Giulio Mancini in his manuscript notes, Considerazioni sulla pittura (c. 1619-20); there Mancini claims the artist was 22 or 23 years old when he carried out the commission. One of his best-known works, the Entombment (formerly dated 1617), is still in situ on the altar of the chapel. This much-copied composition reveals van Baburen's close study of Caravaggio's famous Entombment (Rome, Pin. Vaticana). In 1619 and the spring of 1620 van Baburen and de Haen were recorded as living in the same house in the Roman parish of S Andrea delle Fratte. Caravaggio's close follower and presumed student, Bartolomeo Manfredi, was living in the same parish in 1619. Van Baburen must have known the works of Manfredi. . Related Artists to BABUREN, Dirck van : | Vasiliy Pukirev | Jobst Harrich | Thomas Danby | Govert Dircksz Camphuysen | Juan Antonio Escalante |




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