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Aubrey Beardsley Isolde oil painting

Painting ID::  30883
Artist: Aubrey Beardsley
Painting: Isolde
Introduction: mk68 Lithograph London,British Library 1899 Britain








Aubrey Beardsley The Peacock Sirt oil painting

The Peacock Sirt
Painting ID::  53333
Artist: Aubrey Beardsley
Painting: The Peacock Sirt
Introduction: mk229 1893 Black ink and pencil on paper








Aubrey Beardsley The Toilet of Salome oil painting

The Toilet of Salome
Painting ID::  53334
Artist: Aubrey Beardsley
Painting: The Toilet of Salome
Introduction: mk229 1893








Aubrey Beardsley I have kissed your mouth lokanaan oil painting

I have kissed your mouth lokanaan
Painting ID::  53336
Artist: Aubrey Beardsley
Painting: I have kissed your mouth lokanaan
Introduction: mk229 1893 oil on canvas








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     English Art Nouveau/Golden Age Illustrator, 1872-1898 English draughtsman and writer. He was brought up in Brighton, in genteel poverty, by his mother. She gave her children an intensive education in music and books, and by the time he was sent to boarding-school at the age of seven Beardsley was exceptionally literate and something of a musical prodigy. He was also already infected with the tuberculosis that eventually killed him. There is evidence that his talent for drawing was highly developed by the age of ten, and he was subsequently encouraged by his housemaster at Brighton Grammar School, Arthur William King. Beardsley left school at the end of 1888, and in January 1889 became a clerk at the Guardian Life and Fire Insurance Company in the City of London. Attacks of haemorrhaging of the lungs forced him to abandon his job at the end of 1889. On the strength of a short story sold to Tit Bits he tried to pursue a literary career, but when his health improved in the spring of 1890, he returned both to his job and to drawing. Final affirmation of the direction of his art came in July 1891, when he showed his work to Edward Burne-Jones, who told Beardsley: 'I seldom or never advise anyone to take up art as a profession, but in your case I can do nothing else. . Related Artists to Aubrey Beardsley : | Bernardo Daddi | Eugenio Landesio | Narcisse Berchere | Giovanni di Paolo | HOREMANS, Jan Jozef II |




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