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Arthur Boyd Houghton Interior with Children at Play oil painting

Interior with Children at Play
Painting ID::  27933
Artist: Arthur Boyd Houghton
Painting: Interior with Children at Play
Introduction: c 1860 Oil on canvas 25 x 20 cm (9 7/8 x 7 7.8 in) Ashmolean Museum,Oxford (mk63)








Arthur Boyd Houghton Volunteers Marching Out oil painting

Volunteers Marching Out
Painting ID::  28201
Artist: Arthur Boyd Houghton
Painting: Volunteers Marching Out
Introduction: c 1860 oil on canvas 34 x 24 cm (13 3/8 x 9 1/2 in ) Kenwood House London (mk63)








Arthur Boyd Houghton Wheatfield, Wiltshire oil painting

Wheatfield, Wiltshire
Painting ID::  80032
Artist: Arthur Boyd Houghton
Painting: Wheatfield, Wiltshire
Introduction: "Wheatfield, Wiltshire", oil on canvas cjr








Arthur Boyd Houghton Grandfather's Jack-in-the-Box oil painting

Grandfather's Jack-in-the-Box
Painting ID::  80034
Artist: Arthur Boyd Houghton
Painting: Grandfather's Jack-in-the-Box
Introduction: "Grandfather's Jack-in-the-Box", oil on canvas. cjr








Arthur Boyd Houghton Ramsgate Sands oil painting

Ramsgate Sands
Painting ID::  80035
Artist: Arthur Boyd Houghton
Painting: Ramsgate Sands
Introduction: "Ramsgate Sands", oil on canvas. cjr








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     English Painter and Illustrator , 1836-1875 His work was varied and was revered during the mid-19th century. He traveled to America and Russia, creating illustrations for The Graphic and for numerous books, including The Arabian Nights and Don Quixote. His work was strongly influenced by the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood. Paul Hogath wrote a biography, published in 1981 by Gordon Fraser Work by this artist is held within various public collections incluiding Tate Britain in London, as well as a number of private collections around the world. Houghton is best known for etchings but also produced a number of oil paintings, many of his wife and children. He also wrote a little poetry which was published in his lifetime. . Related Artists to Arthur Boyd Houghton : | Grace Carpenter Hudson | Jean-Pierre Norblin de La Gourdaine | Armand guillaumin | Aert Anthonisz | Haughton Forrest |




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