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Antonio Bellucci Rinaldo and Armida oil painting

Rinaldo and Armida
Painting ID::  92439
Artist: Antonio Bellucci
Painting: Rinaldo and Armida
Introduction: Date second half of 17th century Medium oil on canvas Dimensions Height: 161 cm (63.4 in). Width: 121 cm (47.6 in). TTD








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     Antonio Bellucci (1654-1726) was an Italian painter of the Rococo period, who was best known for his work in England, Germany, and Austria. He was one of the many Venetian-trained artists of his time, including Ricci, Tiepolo, Amigoni, and others, who sought commissions north of Italy, providing patrons with the then-popular Italianate grand-manner frescoes for private palaces. . Related Artists to Antonio Bellucci : | Hans Muelich | Abraham Cooper | Konstantin Korovin | Jacques de letin | Thomas Mellish |




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