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Antoine louis barye The Jean de Paris,Forest of Fontainebleau oil painting

The Jean de Paris,Forest of Fontainebleau
Painting ID::  37790
Artist: Antoine louis barye
Painting: The Jean de Paris,Forest of Fontainebleau
Introduction: sn02 Oil on canvas








Antoine louis barye Lions near their Den oil painting

Lions near their Den
Painting ID::  52456
Artist: Antoine louis barye
Painting: Lions near their Den
Introduction: c. 1860 Oil on canvas, 38 x 49 cm








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     French Romantic Sculptor and Painter, ca.1795-1875, He was a French sculptor most famous for his work as an animalier. Born in Paris, Barye began his career as a goldsmith, like many sculptors of the Romantic Period. After studying under sculptor Francois-Joseph Bosio and painter Baron Antoine-Jean Gros he was in 1818 admitted to the Ecole des Beaux Arts. But it was not until 1823, while working for Fauconnier, the goldsmith, that he discovered his true predilection from watching the wild beasts in the Jardin des Plantes, making vigorous studies of them in pencil drawings comparable to those of Delacroix, then modelling them in sculpture on a large or small scale. In 1831 he exhibited his "Tiger devouring a Crocodile", and in 1832 had mastered a style of his own in the "Lion and Snake." Thenceforward Barye, though engaged in a perpetual struggle with want, exhibited year after year these studies of animals--admirable groups which reveal him as inspired by a spirit of true romance and a feeling for the beauty of the antique, as in "Theseus and the Minotaur" (1847), "Lapitha and Centaur" (1848), . Related Artists to Antoine louis barye : | Carl Rottmann | Jan lievens | Paul Delaroche | Francesco Bassano the younger | Brodero Mathisen |




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