All Anthony Van Dyck Oil Paintings

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Anthony Van Dyck Self Portrait_nn oil painting

Self Portrait_nn
Painting ID::  1067
Artist: Anthony Van Dyck
Painting: Self Portrait_nn
Introduction: Pinakothek, Munich








Anthony Van Dyck Portrait of a Gentleman oil painting

Portrait of a Gentleman
Painting ID::  1068
Artist: Anthony Van Dyck
Painting: Portrait of a Gentleman
Introduction: 1624 Pinakothek, Munich








Anthony Van Dyck Emperor Charles V oil painting

Emperor Charles V
Painting ID::  1070
Artist: Anthony Van Dyck
Painting: Emperor Charles V
Introduction: 1620 Galleria degli Uffizi, Florence








Anthony Van Dyck An Alchemist oil painting

An Alchemist
Painting ID::  1073
Artist: Anthony Van Dyck
Painting: An Alchemist
Introduction: 1661 National Gallery, London








Anthony Van Dyck Interior with Peasants oil painting

Interior with Peasants
Painting ID::  1074
Artist: Anthony Van Dyck
Painting: Interior with Peasants
Introduction: 1663 Wallace Collection, London








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     Dutch 1599-1641 Anthony Van Dyck Locations Flemish painter and draughtsman, active also in Italy and England. He was the leading Flemish painter after Rubens in the first half of the 17th century and in the 18th century was often considered no less than his match. A number of van Dyck studies in oil of characterful heads were included in Rubens estate inventory in 1640, where they were distinguished neither in quality nor in purpose from those stocked by the older master. Although frustrated as a designer of tapestry and, with an almost solitary exception, as a deviser of palatial decoration, van Dyck succeeded brilliantly as an etcher. He was also skilled at organizing reproductive engravers in Antwerp to publish his works, in particular The Iconography (c. 1632-44), comprising scores of contemporary etched and engraved portraits, eventually numbering 100, by which election he revived the Renaissance tradition of promoting images of uomini illustri. His fame as a portrait painter in the cities of the southern Netherlands, as well as in London, Genoa, Rome and Palermo, has never been outshone; and from at least the early 18th century his full-length portraits were especially prized in Genoese, British and Flemish houses, where they were appreciated as much for their own sake as for the identities and families of the sitters. . Related Artists to Anthony Van Dyck : | Vasily Vereshchagin | Master of the Louvre Nativity | ALBERTINELLI Mariotto | HUBER, Wolf | billy higgins |




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