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Aleksander Gierymski The Arbor oil painting

The Arbor
Painting ID::  38842
Artist: Aleksander Gierymski
Painting: The Arbor
Introduction: mk141 ca1876-80 Oil on canvas 58x41cm








Aleksander Gierymski battle between russians and kosciuszko forces in 1801 oil painting

battle between russians and kosciuszko forces in 1801
Painting ID::  56174
Artist: Aleksander Gierymski
Painting: battle between russians and kosciuszko forces in 1801
Introduction: mk247 1801,watercolor on paper,13x21 in,33.5x53 cm,muzeum narodowe,warsaw,poland








Aleksander Gierymski AleksanderGierymski oil painting

Painting ID::  67273
Artist: Aleksander Gierymski
Painting: AleksanderGierymski
Introduction: Year 1882(1882) Technique Oil on canvas Dimensions 135.5 ?? 148 cm (53.35 ?? 58.27 in)








Aleksander Gierymski Aleksander-Ulica noca oil painting

Aleksander-Ulica noca
Painting ID::  67304
Artist: Aleksander Gierymski
Painting: Aleksander-Ulica noca
Introduction: Description Gierymski Aleksander-Ulica nocą.jpg Polski: Ulica nocą English: Street at night Oil on canvas, 73.5x48, Art Gallery in Lviv Date c. 1890








Aleksander Gierymski Modlitwa zydow w dzien sabatu oil painting

Modlitwa zydow w dzien sabatu
Painting ID::  67306
Artist: Aleksander Gierymski
Painting: Modlitwa zydow w dzien sabatu
Introduction: Description Gierymski-Modlitwa Żyd??w w dzie?? sabatu.jpg Polski: Modlitwa Żyd??w w dzie?? sabatu English: Jewish prayers on shabbat day Oil on canvas, 71x114, Oblastni Galerie, Liberec Date 1871








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     Warsaw 1850-1901 Rome, Brother of Maks Gierymski. He studied (1867) at the Warsaw Drawing Class, then (1868-73) at the Akademie der Bildenden Kenste in Munich under Georg Hiltensperger (1806-90) and Alexander Strehuber (1814-82), and later under Karl Theodor von Piloty. While in Munich he contributed illustrations to Polish, German and Austrian magazines. On a visit to Venice and Verona in 1871 he was especially impressed by the work of 15th-century Venetian artists; this new enthusiasm was reflected in his prize-winning painting of a subject set by the Munich Akademie, a scene from Shakespeare's Merchant of Venice (1872; destr., see Starzynski, pl. 4). After accompanying his dying brother Maks to various spa towns and other locations, he settled in Rome in mid-1874. Two genre scenes from this period, Roman Tavern and A Game of Mora (both 1874; Warsaw, N. Mus.), show the influence of Dutch painting. Gierymski remained in Italy until 1879, mostly resident in Rome. . Related Artists to Aleksander Gierymski : | Eero Jarnefelt | Jean-Baptiste Lallemand | max ernst | BOELEMA DE STOMME, Maerten | Jan josephsz van goyen |




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