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Albert Baertsoen Little Town on the Edge of Water(Flanders) oil painting

Little Town on the Edge of Water(Flanders)
Painting ID::  11708
Artist: Albert Baertsoen
Painting: Little Town on the Edge of Water(Flanders)
Introduction: 1899 4' 7 1/2'' x 3' 6 3/4''(141 x 108.5 cm)








Albert Baertsoen Ghent,Evening oil painting

Painting ID::  54293
Artist: Albert Baertsoen
Painting: Ghent,Evening
Introduction: mk235 1903 Oil on canva 151x155cm








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     Belgian, 1866-1922.Belgian painter and etcher. The son of a successful mill-owner and an excellent musician, he was a pupil and friend of Gustave Den Duyts (1850-97), and later, at the Ghent Acad?mie, of Jean Delvin (1853-1922). He was involved in the exhibiting society LEssor in Brussels as well as the triennial salons held in Brussels, Antwerp and Ghent in rotation. Among his earliest important works are The Scheldt at Dendermonde (1887; Ghent, Mus. S. Kst.), which he painted beside Isidore Meyers (1836-1917) and Franz Courtens in a Realist style characteristic of the Dendermonde school. In 1889-90 he attended the studio of Alfred Roll in Paris, where he met Jacques-Emile Blanche and Charles Cottet, and became particularly closely associated with Frits Thaulow, Emile-Ren? M?nard and Edmond Aman-Jean. He exhibited regularly at the Salon in Paris. Although Baertsoen is considered to be one of the first Belgian Impressionists, he belonged to no particular school. He was more than a descriptive landscape painter, for he sought to evoke through the depiction of the natural world a mood of melancholy and resignation. He painted silent streets, rocks, rivers and canals in Bruges, Li?ge, Nieuwpoort, Diksmuide and in London, where he stayed during World War I. His most important paintings, however, were inspired by his native town, Ghent, of which he built up a remarkable portrait over the years in such works as Barges in the Snow (1901) and Ghent in the Evening (1903; both Brussels, Mus. A. Mod.). A broad, spontaneous technique, great delicacy of nuance, deep sincerity as well as a certain meditative quality characterize his work, which is limited in quantity. Baertsoen played an important role in Belgian cultural life of his period and was elected to the Acad?mie Royale des Beaux-Arts in 1919. . Related Artists to Albert Baertsoen : | Adriaen van ostade | Peter Severin Kroyer | Arthur Hughes | Wilhelm von Schadow | LEFEBVRE, Claude |




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