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Agnolo Bronzino Laura Battiferri (mk45) oil painting

Laura Battiferri (mk45)
Painting ID::  25890
Artist: Agnolo Bronzino
Painting: Laura Battiferri (mk45)
Introduction: c.1555/60 Oil on canvas 83x60cm Florence,Palazzo Vecchio.








Agnolo Bronzino Ugolino Martelli (mk45) oil painting

Ugolino Martelli (mk45)
Painting ID::  25893
Artist: Agnolo Bronzino
Painting: Ugolino Martelli (mk45)
Introduction: c.1537/39 Oil on panel. 102x85cm Berlin,Staatliche Museen zu Berlin-preubischer Kulturbesitz,Gemaldegalerie








Agnolo Bronzino Portrait of Garcia de'Maedici oil painting

Portrait of Garcia de'Maedici
Painting ID::  28118
Artist: Agnolo Bronzino
Painting: Portrait of Garcia de'Maedici
Introduction: mk61 c.1549 Oil on panel 48x38cm








Agnolo Bronzino Portrait of a Little Gril with a Book oil painting

Portrait of a Little Gril with a Book
Painting ID::  28855
Artist: Agnolo Bronzino
Painting: Portrait of a Little Gril with a Book
Introduction: mk65 Oil on panel 22 13/16x18 5/16in Uffizi,Gallery








Agnolo Bronzino Portrait of Bia oil painting

Portrait of Bia
Painting ID::  28856
Artist: Agnolo Bronzino
Painting: Portrait of Bia
Introduction: mk65 Oil on panel 24 13/16x18 7/8in Uffizi,Gallery








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     Italian Mannerist Painter, 1503-1572 Agnolo di Cosimo (November 17, 1503 ?C November 23,1572), usually known as Il Bronzino, or Agnolo Bronzino (mistaken attempts also have been made in the past to assert his name was Agnolo Tori and even Angelo (Agnolo) Allori), was an Italian Mannerist painter from Florence. The origin of his nickname, Bronzino is unknown, but could derive from his dark complexion, or from that he gave many of his portrait subjects. It has been claimed by some that he had dark skin as a symptom of Addison disease, a condition which affects the adrenal glands and often causes excessive pigmentation of the skin. . Related Artists to Agnolo Bronzino : | Pablo de San Leocadio | Jan Van Kessel | Matteo Rosselli | Julia Beck | Peter Nicolai Arbo |




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