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Agnolo Bronzino Allegory of Happiness oil painting

Allegory of Happiness
Painting ID::  227
Artist: Agnolo Bronzino
Painting: Allegory of Happiness
Introduction: Galleria degli Uffizi, Florence








Agnolo Bronzino Noli Me Tangere (mk05) oil painting

Noli Me Tangere (mk05)
Painting ID::  20185
Artist: Agnolo Bronzino
Painting: Noli Me Tangere (mk05)
Introduction: Wood,114 x 761/2''(298 x 194 cm).From the Church of Santo Spirito in Florence.








Agnolo Bronzino Portrait of a Sculptor (mk05) oil painting

Portrait of a Sculptor (mk05)
Painting ID::  20189
Artist: Agnolo Bronzino
Painting: Portrait of a Sculptor (mk05)
Introduction: Wood,39 x 31''(99 x 79 cm).From the collections of Eberhard Jabach and Louis XIV








Agnolo Bronzino Eleonora of Toledo and her Son Giovanni (mk08) oil painting

Eleonora of Toledo and her Son Giovanni (mk08)
Painting ID::  21283
Artist: Agnolo Bronzino
Painting: Eleonora of Toledo and her Son Giovanni (mk08)
Introduction: c.1545 Oil on wood 115x96cm Florence,Galleria degli Uffizi








Agnolo Bronzino An Allegory (mk08) oil painting

An Allegory (mk08)
Painting ID::  21344
Artist: Agnolo Bronzino
Painting: An Allegory (mk08)
Introduction: Oil on wood, 146x116cm London,National Gallery








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     Italian Mannerist Painter, 1503-1572 Agnolo di Cosimo (November 17, 1503 ?C November 23,1572), usually known as Il Bronzino, or Agnolo Bronzino (mistaken attempts also have been made in the past to assert his name was Agnolo Tori and even Angelo (Agnolo) Allori), was an Italian Mannerist painter from Florence. The origin of his nickname, Bronzino is unknown, but could derive from his dark complexion, or from that he gave many of his portrait subjects. It has been claimed by some that he had dark skin as a symptom of Addison disease, a condition which affects the adrenal glands and often causes excessive pigmentation of the skin. . Related Artists to Agnolo Bronzino : | Pieter de Kempener | August Macke | Frank Russell Green | Kole Idromeno | franz liszt |




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