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Abraham jansz.begeyn Seacoast oil painting

Painting ID::  28322
Artist: Abraham jansz.begeyn
Painting: Seacoast
Introduction: mk60 1622 Oil on canvas 35 1/2"x46 1/2"








Abraham jansz.begeyn Flowers in a Stone Vase oil painting

Flowers in a Stone Vase
Painting ID::  38419
Artist: Abraham jansz.begeyn
Painting: Flowers in a Stone Vase
Introduction: 1670 Oil on canvas








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     Dutch painter and draughtsman , 1637-1697 was a Dutch painter of landscapes and cattle in the manner of Nicolaes Pietersz Berchem. Begeyn's earliest known work is from 1653. In 1655 he joined the painter's guild of Leiden, where he staid until at least 1667. He was then active in Amsterdam and The Hague, before he took his residence in Berlin in 1688. There his works were greatly prized, and, according to Houbraken, he was principal painter to Frederick III, the elector of Brandenburg, afterwards king of Prussia. In many collections in the Netherlands, the pictures of Begeyn are placed amongst those of the most admired masters. His pencilling is light and free, and his colouring very agreeable. Many of his works are landscapes, with views of rivers, ruins, and pieces of architecture, . Related Artists to Abraham jansz.begeyn : | Karl Edvard Diriks | Jackson Pollock | Benedetto Luti | Charles Warren Eaton | Dirck de Quade van Ravesteyn |




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