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Abraham Bosschaert Flowers in a Glass Vase oil painting

Flowers in a Glass Vase
Painting ID::  85191
Artist: Abraham Bosschaert
Painting: Flowers in a Glass Vase
Introduction: Date first half of 17th century Medium Oil on oak panel Dimensions Height: 56 cm (22 in). Width: 45 cm (17.7 in). cjr








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     (1612-1643) was a Dutch Golden Age painter. Bosschaert was born in Middelburg. According to the RKD he was a member of the Bosschaert dynasty. Like his father Ambrosius Bosschaert and older brothers, he signed his works with a monogram; AB, but this was only discovered in 1992. His older brothers Ambrosius Bosschaert II and Johannes Bosschaert were his first teachers after the death of his father in 1623, but he also took lessons from his uncle Balthasar van der Ast in Utrecht from 1628-1637. In 1637 he moved to Amsterdam, but by 1643 he had returned to Utrecht, where he was buried on April 4th, 1643. . Related Artists to Abraham Bosschaert : | Mark Gertler | Virgilio Mauricio | Carl Tragardh | Frank Blackwell Mayer | Castello Nativity, Master of the |




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